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Santo and Johnny | Sleep Walk

About this Video
Note: updated video -Dec 2016

If you ask most music fans of early rock n roll, Sleep Walk is Santo and Johnny’s trademark tune. It has been recorded and played by a number of marquis musicians and amateurs alike over the years since it was first released in 1959. The tune was written and recorded by Santo, Johnny and Ann Farina.

There are lots of great and not so great renditions of Sleep Walk on YouTube. It’s fun to listen and learn from the contributors and read the follow on comments.  Check it out yourself.  This release is my take on this tune. I use the ‘Shadows’ (or maybe it’s the Ventures??) back track version in my video.  It’s certainly rough on the edges, so I plan to post several more versions so improvements can be seen and heard.

I’m playing this work in the original Key of C and follow the modified arrangement done by the ‘Shadows’ err Ventures rendition.  The chord sequence for the most part is the well adapted rock sequence of the 50’s of C, Am, F(m), G. There is a lot of debate whether the F chord should be an Fm.   The choice is not cast in stone.  Let’s just say you will need both.  I think the first riff through it’s an F followed by nothing but Fm’s other than the chorus, then back to Fm. So choose what feels and sounds best for you. See my TAB sheet link below for my interpretation of this version of the tune.
…oops pay attention to these points
The thing that gives this tune a nice feel is the blended note delays that occur after the underlying chord changes.  Couple that with a well balanced reverb and string bend effect and voila.  You can hear what I mean in the main verse structure.  Just listen and feel as to where they are and emulate them in your playing.

I do use the vibrato bar in concert with a legato sliding effect on the guitar in my attempts to get that original pedal steel sound.  Tweeking EQ will also help round out those highs.  Lots of experimentation is required.
Equipment Used and Settings

  • Fender Jazzmaster guitar; pickup switch in treble position, controls mid range
  • I use a thick stiff pick for faster attacks on the strings
  • Strymon Flint reverb setting MIX -1/2 turn, COLOR-3/4 turn DECAY-1/2 turn, 80’s switch, tremolo effect not used
  • Boss EQ Pedal Model GE-7, set freq sliders for high pass.
  • I use a Behringer Eurolive B112 PA speaker for practice when I want to make noise, where both the guitar and back track audio feeds are mixed. This keeps the sound tone consistant and controllable in a small room Like I have, in contrast to a separate PA for the back track audio and a guitar amp – just too much variation in tonal quality between the two audio sources. On the other hand, to keep things simpler I just put on my earphones and adjust accordingly
  • The guitar EQ pedal is first in the effects chain, followed by the Flint reverb effect before being mixed and output to the speaker PA or my earphones.


  • My pro version back track used in my latest video release may be available for download. I will need an indication of interest first.
  • You can also use the back track offered by the Karaoke-Version  web site, and yes you have to buy the customized track. It’s only $1.99.  This version follows the original exactly.
  • I have used in my first video, what is referred to as the Shadows version. It has been modified from the original.
  • Alternatively, I also have my Chordpulse rendition available as a practice track to get you going. It follows the original score.

Load your selected back track MP3 for practice in your favourite playback software.  I use RIFF Station or if you have it instead, use Song Surgeon software for its looping feature to isolate and repeat or slowdown the sequences to practice.
Artists and Versions
Listen to the original Sleep Walk track from my playlist in the videobox (upper left hand corner) above this text to get a sense of the original.

Guitar TAB Sheets – Member Access Only
You can download the original Sleep Walk plus other Tab versions as a Member.  It follows the released version of Santo and Johnny’s music score to the best of my interpretation.

Written in MS WORD 2003, using generic Courier type font. Any version of Word after 1997 can open this file. Must be a member for access to my guitar tabs and/or my produced backing track(s).

A blank guitar TAB work sheet for your own edits and mods are also available. Must be a member for access. Join Us – see menu item on top of this web page to Join.

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Manalili | Faithful Love

I do want to make a comment here regarding those guitar players who early on have made this tune visible in many ways and brought it to the forefront for all those who love this kind of music. Youtubers like Stratpeter, BurnsErnst and special thanks to Rudy Dela Vega. There are of course many others who have taken an interest in this tune and worked with it. Good on ya. Thanks guys.

I have posted a remix of this tune. It’s at the top of the playlist (Jun 11, 2016).

About this Video
This tune has been around for quite some time (about 30 to 40 years) and recorded by several (not so well known) artists over that period before it caught on here in North America as a cult piece.

Originally written and recorded by Danny Holmsen (at times mistaken for D. Holmer), The Ramrods, Electromaniacs and Cesar Manalili, all took a stab at it. Each iteration sounding more modern and smoother than the last, but keeping the style and arrangement more or less intact.

I would say the last version by Cesar Manalili is a more nicely arranged and orchestrated version, with the Electromaniacs release not far behind. Just as a note, you will notice that the Manalili and Electromaniacs versions has a different opening series of bars.

Faithful Love has quite a strong following with both Filipinos, where the tune gained popularity (Manalili, Electromanics) and the eclectic music scene. It is not unusual to have Faithful Love requested at a Filipino wedding event even today.

I’m playing this musical work in the Key A and to the original Manalili arrangement. Though the original tune was written in the key of A, I’ve heard other amateur renditions in other keys and free improv styles.

I don’t have the original CD’s where more information like publishing house markings would be present. If there is someone with this information, please forward it and I will gladly post it here in an update.

What gives this song its appeal is its hook of nicely layered notes in the main verses. The rest of the tune (the break or bridge section) is somewhat flat and loses a bit of its steam in the original, but applying some improvisation fills this void. Non-the-less, Manalili’s Faithful Love is a relatively straight forward tune to learn and is a joy to play.

See below for additional information that may be of interest.
…oops pay attention to these points
There are two areas in which to pay attention when playing this tune, and it has to do with good ‘ol timing. One is in the layered ‘hook’ section where the notes must be held and sustained while moving to the next set of notes – almost a note rolling action, and second is the bridge notes before playing the chorus the second time around.

Lastly, listen for the trademark Manalili sound in his somewhat exaggerated (but nice) reverb setting and subtle vibrato action. His reverb is typically deep and sustained without any noticeable fading. So if you have effects pedals that can provide this feature you will be using it. I use the Strymon Flint effects box to give me my reverb and tremolo effect. Lots of diddlin’ here. Still workin’ on it.

Keep in mind as well, that the effects you are hearing could very well be studio magic at play and getting ‘that sound’ may be quite difficult if you want to perform it live.
Equipment Used and Settings

  • Fender JazzMaster; pickup switch in treble position, all controls mid range
  • Strymon Flint Reverb and tremolo effect is used
  • Vibrato bar (yes it’s called tremolo) is used to get that nice twangy effect

Artists and Versions
Listen for the Manalili, Electromaniacs versions on my video Playlist above this text. See Playlist location in upper left hand corner of the video frame – Playlist.
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Guitar TAB Sheets
Fully documented guitar TAB version. Written in MS WORD 2003, using generic Courier type font. Any version of MS Word after 1997 can open this file.
Faithful Love Guitar Tabs sheet
Also available is a blank guitar TAB work sheet for your own edits and mods in the same format and style as the full documented version.
Backtracks Info

  • My pro-produced BT may be available – I will need an indication of interest first. Contact me.
  • Listen to selected backtracks from my Playlist above
  • I don’t have a Chordpulse rendition. Don’t plan on creating one.

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