Backing track Releases

Back Track Running Interest List – PLEASE READ

If you are interested in one or more of my pro-produced backing tracks, please send me an email using the form below and to the right. Provide your name and the track(s) you are interested in getting and I’ll post a running list of individuals who have ‘signed up’. I need 10 people to sign up before I undergo the copyright release process.

Check back often to find out how things are going. A quick way to get a good qualifying running list is to tell others about my releases and have them sign up.

When I reach 10 or more people showing interest and a committment for any one track, I will undergo the release process and then notify those listed the planned release of the track(s) in question. I only need a name to post, not addresses, not phones numbers, not etc. I’ll keep that private.

The backing tracks will not be free. They cost to arrange, produce, cover copyright royalties and other incurred fees.

Cost per track will be $9.95 USD.

The selected tracks will be in re-mastered MP3 format encoded at 224kbps or better bit rates. The individual production stems will not be available for sale under any circumstances, only the final mixed and mastered version. So please do not ask.

$9.95 USD per track

Once approved for release, payment and downloads will be through my music distributer’s portal. I’ll provide the payment and download link when ready.

Planned Backing Track Releases…
Game of Thrones
Among My Souvenirs
Last of the Mohicans
I Miss You So
Faithful Love
Sari Nande

Maybe coming… Are you interested?
Time (Pozo Seco Singers)
Wicked Games (Chris Isaak)
I Should Have Been True (Mavericks)
Classical Gas
Pipeline (Shantays)
Maria Elena