About Me


Howdy fellow musicians. My name is Bill Werba, a guitar musical rooky on the scale of things but steadily improving. I got back into music again after a 20 year hiatus where I played in a number of very talented garage bands (covers and originals) around town for about 10 years. Drumming was my thing. I enjoyed the playing with my band mates and entertaining the crowds.  But that was then.

One day I perused Youtube for the heck of it and listened to some amatuer guitar players (pretty damn good I would say) playing awesome lead to some well done backing tracks.  Great style and technique.

The notion of playing guitar against a nicely produced backtrack is what interested me.  The simplicity is what I liked.  In contrast to playing with a full band, you know what I mean.  The music bug got me again and the concept got me hooked.  So, I chose the style and genre of music I’m interested in and now here I am.  This web site is where I will share my musical experiences.

Those experiences are translated into my current music releases, posts of my ongoing thoughts and musings, equipment reviews, publication of TAB sheets, music software tips and tricks, video editing pointer for your own videos, backtracks and authoring, recommended software tools and more. The list can go on.

I’m looking forward to learning more through your comments and input as we go along.