July 7, 2016

Ottawa Guitar Show – 2016


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Glebe Community Center Jun 26th

I looked forward to going to this year’s Ottawa Guitar Show to see the latest luthier creations and talk to the guitar parts suppliers, hardware developers and the guitar players themselves.

Michael Sankey the organizer of the event has put on a great show this year with more participants than in previous years. The show is catching on with the guitar playing crowd and with representatives of the guitar making industry now going well outside the Ottawa-Carleton region. Good on ya Michael.

I have seen stunning designs from these creative people – see my pix. Some guitars were just too nice to handle. It’s amazing what can be done with a few blocks of wood and determined patience ; of course it’s not that simple.

Most guitars shown were of the acoustic variety, but some nice electrics were also on display and could be demoed by potential buyers or for that matter individuals just aching to try out the latest guitars in the special sound rooms available on the show room floor; great idea by the way.

There was another demo sound room set aside for guitar players to presumably use show room guitars, but mostly demonstrating their talent with a guitar. Hey, either way works for me.

I volunteered to run the sound board for a few hours in the demo room and boy we have great talent in this town. Along with the playing, we had good Q&A with the crowd in attendance.

If you are a guitar player either as a beginner or a seasoned pro, you should make some time to come to next year’s show. Take in the vendors, the atmosphere, the comradery and the music.

Go to Ottawa Guitar Show for future details or talk to Micheal Sankey directly at his shop at Sankey Guitars.

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