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Guitars (acoustic, electric, bass, banjos), instrument cases, effects pedals, microphones, guitar parts, luthier tools, mic and music stands, DAW recording equipment, patch cords, PA speakers, quartz tuners, music accessories of all kinds, floor monitors, mixers (powered, passive), EQ’s, audio interfaces, guitar amplifiers, keyboards, MIDI gear, turntables, receivers, 19″ racks, computers and lots more.

All items shown will be identified as working or not and its condition. Working electronic equipment will be either brand new or in some used condition. As a bonus, they may include the original or a printed copy of the User or Repair Guides.

Musical instruments and electronic equipment up for sale may or may not be upgraded or need to be upgraded/repaired to be in super sale condition. It will be denoted as such in the item description. I guarantee you will get items as described. I look after my stuff.

Most items that are posted would be in very good to excellent condition anyway.

Visit Bills Music often to see what’s up for sale at the moment.

Browse the posted items below for descriptions, prices and sale terms. If you have questions just let me know.

I would be willing to ship to your location if practical and/or possible. Inquire. Be reasonable in the estimated shipping costs quoted.


Please read the Terms and Conditions of sale shown below.

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Terms and Conditions of Sale

1) All goods shown on this page are sold ‘as is’ ‘where is’. I will describe the items in detail as best possible through supplied pictures and in the text description.
2) Once purchased you own the item(s). No returns. No refunds. You buy it, you accept it, you keep it. These are used goods.
3) Prior to purchase, items of interest are to be examined to your satisfaction and picked up at my location (see Contact page).
4) There is no shipping or credit card or Paypal transactions offered unless otherwise noted or agreed upon.
5) All payment transactions are to be cash or e-transfers.
6) Most important, ask a lot of questions (via supplied phone number or emails) TALK TO ME, and be comfortable before you make your purchase.


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