February 8, 2020

Jennifer Rush | Power of Love


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About this music video

Key: Ab, 4/4 time, about 82bpm, instrumental pop, synth driven

Not be confused with the Huey Lewis take of the same name - highlighted in the first film of 'Back to the Future'. Go Marty go.

I did some quick research on Youtube to see and hear what other guitar amateurs are doing on this tune. Lots of interesting takes, but they all use some variation of the original orchestration and pace. A number of backtracks are available on Youtube if you want to use them.

Though the tune has that nice signature drum undercurrent, I wanted something different. More drive.

I came across a Youtube video from Cicci Guitar Condor and took in their rendition. Awesome. I found my next tune to assemble and play.

As it turns out, these artists used the same percussive tones in their version of 'Last of the Mohicans', another tune I did not long ago. Thank you Cicci Condor. Guitar TAB creation was based on the original key of Ab with some help on some of the more fancy fingerings.

I moved around a lot on the guitar fretboard to get different tones at different music phrases. Worked out not too bad.

I had to do some improvisation at the end to make the bars and notes fit properly to match that of the produced back track. Not the best job I admit, but the tune on the whole worked out nicely. I may change the ending in another video release.

I had the back track produced professionally based on my notes to the music composer. Very pleased indeed.

See my very detailed guitar TABS for this tune. It is free to download. Use as you wish - there is an editable Word *.doc version and a PDF. You will have to register as a Bills Music member to get the tabs.

Guitar and Guitar Effects
I am using my Jazzmaster guitar on this tune (.o1" series strings). Being stuck with the P90 pickups I have opted to include an EQ to get a degree of brighter yet more projected tones. I used the bridge pickups - bit brighter.

I am using only an EQ pedal (peaked at 1Khz and up) and my Flint pedal for reverb in my guitar playback and recorder chain. I use the Jazzmaster vibrato bar for trills at key phrase end points during play.

This tune is full of vibrato. A very important aspect to making this tune sound great.

Audio and Video Production Tools
Audio recording is done using REAPER DAW, ART DI boxes and an ART USB based audio interface to get guitar sound to DAW.

Video production work is done in Adobe Premiere CS5. Original and final Video resolution is 1280x720p. Compression is about 7-10mb/s MP4. Youtube will transcode to their transmission specs anyway.

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