February 15, 2015

My New Fender Jazzmaster


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Well I finally laid out more cash for another guitar.  I guess this is par for the course for musicians.  Having just one guitar doesn’t seem to cut it.  I now have four guitars, one classical, and three electric.  Each guitar really has its own character and feel.  I can see the more seasoned a guitar player gets, the more guitars one may collect.

This Jazzmaster is really different.  It’s a bit heavier, what feels like a long neck, the frets are a  bit higher than I would like, but whats most compelling is the sound of this thing.  It’s really, really mellow.  And this is without connecting to an amp.  It projects well, like a semi acoustic; go figure. I don’t know if this a Fender thing or not as this is my first Fender.

It will take a bit of time to get used to the fret bar height as I do a lot of slides.  I may very well have to change my sliding technique or shave the fret height.  My old WildKat  has nice low action and low fret bar height.

Now for the acid test.  I ran the guitar through my effects and amp setup and man is it nice sounding.  No sharp edginess (even when monkying around with the pickups and its settings).  It really has a unique rich resonance.  It’s just plain nice.  Something I did not expect when I examined it and bought it on the spot.  I don’t know how else to explain it.  This guitar does sound like it is meant to play the soft relaxing jazz syle.

Oh yeah, ya gotta keep this thing in tune.  It’s spot on for while, like two songs worth and then re-tune.  Any comments?


Post Post Notes:  re:  tuning steadfastness – Jun 9th, 2015

I’ll take back what I said about the guitar going out of tune often.  I should have remembered before posting this article, that I put on new strings.  After staying stretched for a few days, the guitar stays in tune after much playing.  Whoaaa.  Really unexpected, after owning several guitars in the past where tuning is a constant exercise.  Way to go Fender.


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