March 22, 2019

Pozo Seco Singers | Time


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About this Video
Key: Bb, 4/4 time, about 108bpm, instrumental ballad country pop

Another great contribution to the American folk era of the 1960's.

Written by Michael Merchant and sung by a newly formed trio known as the Pozo Seco Singers. composed of a young Don Williams, Lofton Kline and the voice of Susan Taylor (later known as Taylor Pie).

I was immediately taken by the tune back in the 60's, great guitar and vocal arrangment. Ths song was wellin keeping with the force of folk and political climate of the time.

I decided to keep the chord progression the way it was but change the note stylings to provide a differing feel to the tune yet still keep its wonderful melody. This was to keep the tonal quality different from the repeating sequences of the verses.

Guitar TAB creation was based on the original key of Bb with no need of a capo. I had a back track produced professionally based on my notes to the music composer. The BT has kept to the spirit and tonal richness of the original tune. See my very detailed guitar TABS for this tune. It is free to download.

Guitar and Guitar Effects
I am using my Takimine classical guitar on this tune - no capo. Sustaining reverb and EQ.

Professionally produced practice backing track The backing track I produced for this video is available as an MP3 for download free of charge for practice purposes only. You will have to register as a member of Bills Music to get it. See 'Join' to register or login to gain access.

Audio and Video Production Tools
Audio recording is done using REAPER DAW, ART DI boxes and an ART USB based audio interface to get guitar sound to DAW.

Video production work is done in Adobe Premiere CS5. Original and final Video resolution is 1280x720p. Compression is about 7-10mb/s MP4. Youtube will transcode to their transmission specs anyway.

'Join' and be a member - Get access to my Tabs and Practice Tracks


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